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CBD became legal a few years ago under the Compassionate Care Act, which allowed its use in children with severe epilepsy. 

Last September, the restrictions loosened again when the 2018 Farm Bill passed. Stores can now sell CBD derived from hemp as long as it has less than .3 percent THC. THC is the compound in marijuana associated with getting high. 

While the farm bill legalizes hemp, it is still a highly regulated crop in the United States.

CBD doesn't make people high but its highly regarded for a wide range of ailments, from depression, to anxiety, to stress, ADHD and even cancer.  The list of CBD Benefits just goes on and on.

Since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, it just opened a floodgate for the hemp market.  Hempworx is selling CBD in just about any form you want.   From CBD Oils, to face creams, sprays, coffee, creamers, CBD Bath Bombs and even CBD Doggie Treats!

Hempworx uses a special” supercritical technology that extracts over 400 phytonutrients from the raw hemp material, and that they don’t use any harmful solvents or heat, which is a good thing!  Hempworx CBD Oils only contain  2 ingredients: pressed hemp seed oil and CBD Rich Whole Hemp Extract.  Well 3, if you choose to have peppermint or cinnamon added to it.  So you know that you are getting a high quality CBD product with Hempworx.  

Hempworx products are 100% organic and non-genetically modified, and the company apparently makes all of its products right here in the United States.  Their industrial hemp plants grown on Kentucky farms  

And unlike a lot of firms who claim their CBD products to be lab tested, HempWorx actually ‘walks the walk’ by publishing up to date details of their test results on the site. You can find it in the Hempworx Store by Clicking the Documentation link at the top of their page

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